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Please see the recruitment thread to make an application or follow this link:

*Edit 17.2. Recruitment is still open, highest priority is on dps warriors, discipline/holy priests and restoration shaman. All other applications are still welcome as well.*

Soulstealer its ok guys, got us a new pic - ...
Manadar The monk class is missing in that image above ;p
Notnem I do not vouch for this kryc0re rank 1 noob rank 1 failure to rogue and most of all rank 1 fail to me left me alone when ...

Darkness Much photoshop such screenshot wow.
Soulstealer Kill Vid ...
Jem a This is what happens when I get rushed!
Darkness I think we're past looking stupid ...
Jem a You and Nem were in shells so got cut. I didnt want it to look stupid
Darkness Where the fuck am I Jem ?
Urkel @Jem Noticed what?
Jem a Didn't think anyone would notice.
Soulstealer Oh my god, them photoshop skills
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Ty :>
gratz nemonk on garrosh kill :)
you guys killed garrosh without me? how is that possible :o
You having a juggle mate?
Smack you in the gabber
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